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Civil Division

The Civil Division processes (receives, records, receipts, assigns, serves, and returns) all legal documents originated by Courts (Justice of the Peace, District, and Circuit Courts). This division is responsible for the service of all civil process, including but not limited to citations, writs, restraining orders, protective orders, subpoenas, summons, executions and order of sales. Our civil division is required by law to assist and conduct monthly sales of real property. These are held on the first Tuesday of each month between the hours of 10:00AM and 4:00PM at the courthouse in Conroe.

Typically our Civil Process Division Deputies serve papers Monday through Friday from 8am- 4pm. Please keep this in mind when providing information regarding the individual being served, the better information you provide for the deputies; the quicker an individual can be served. Also, if the deputies cannot serve a paper during their daily schedule, they can and will pass it on to evening shift deputies to make an attempt.


An original and one copy of filed documents you are requesting to have served, prepayment or a copy of the waiver of fees along with any information that helpful to the deputy. A self-stamped envelope to receive confirmation of service/non-service and/or receipt of payment.

Verify Address

Our County is made of 5 different precincts, so before mailing your papers for service, click the following link This allows you to verify any and all address within Montgomery County. It also ensures prompt delivery to the correct agency for service.


You can find a list of service fees by clicking the following link Payment can be in person or by mail along with all appropriate documents. We accept cash, check, or money orders payable to Constable Chris Jones, Pct. 5. There is a charge of $1.00 per page for any copies requested. This payment is required from all individuals, law firms, out of county or any other in-state or out-of-state agencies requesting service that do not have court fee waivers attached.

Once an individual has been served, not served for whatever the reason, expired or unable to locate and serve, if you provide the self-stamped envelope you will receive a copy of the Constables Return in the mail indicating service or non-service. This document will indicate date, time, attempts and location the individual who was served. The original document will indicate the same and will be sent back to court in which it originated.

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