The Constable Precinct 5 Deputies and K9 Teams are made up of Deputy Ortega, her partner, Tuff; a Malinois/Shepherd mix breed , Deputy Swanson accompanied by her partner Rambo, a German Shepherd breed & Deputy Nelson, his partner, Zen; a Belgian Malinois breed . These teams; the canines and their handlers, are recognized by local and federal agencies, certified yearly through the National Tactical Police Dog Association. Along with yearly certification, they train additional hours each month in order to refine their skills.

The K-9’s are trained in obedience and are frequently used for detecting narcotics, and evidence recovery. These units must pass a strenuous selection process and are responsible for regular patrol duties as well. Each K-9 lives and works with his/her handler and becomes a part of their family, working with the deputy like a partner.

Our K-9 teams have been very successful in locating large quantities of narcotics and continues to be a valuable asset to the community. The department also utilizes the K-9 units for educational purposes throughout the community. They participate in many outreach programs, civic organizations and schools to bring about awareness of the effect narcotics has on crime, families and communities. They are an invaluable part of Constable Precinct 5.

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