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Deputy Gordon Welch
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Upcoming Training Dates


Class Attendance: No absences will be permitted unless excused by the training coordinator, or his designee, and then only if provisions for makeup exist. Tardiness will not be tolerated and will be subject to makeup. Those interested in attending training courses at the Precinct 5 Constable Department should either email or call Deputy Welch for more details All training dates are subject to change without notice; students should confirm classes and their position on the roster a week before the start of the class. If a student needs to cancel, we would ask that the student notify the training coordinator at least three days prior to the start of class.

DateTCOLE Class # HoursClassLocation of Class
and Contact Number
9/21 & 23/2022# 3835
Stop the Bleed/Tactical First Aid
Instructor: Scott St John
Hosted by: Constable Pct. 5
Magnolia Fire Department
18215 Buddy Riley Blvd.
Fire Station #181
9/18/2023-9/21/202332Analytic Interviewing & Cognitive Interviewing
Instructor: Mary Daugherty
Hosted by: Constable Pct. 5
Magnolia Event Center
11659 FM 1488
Magnolia, Tx 77354
7/17/23 – 7/21/23#3210
Magnolia Event Center 11659 FM 1488 Magnolia, TX 77354Open

Photographic/Recording Equipment: Unless prior arrangements are made with the training coordinator, no photographic or recording equipment will be used by students.

Tobacco Products: The use of tobacco products is prohibited at all Montgomery County buildings. Students will be allowed to smoke only in designated areas which will be identified at the beginning of the course or in the non-traffic or parking areas of the building.

Acceptable Dress Standards: For all officers, jailers and civilians who attend training classes shall be: Agency Uniform: Is always accepted. Acceptable Civilian (non-uniform) Attire: Male Attendees: Shall wear dress shirts, sport shirts or polo-type shirts with dress or casual slacks, which would be appropriate for a business environment. No neckties are required. Female Attendees: Shall wear dresses or slacks/skirts with shirt/blouse, which would be appropriate for a business environment.  Footwear: Will be appropriate for the class assignment, and by its construction or condition not present a safety hazard.

Unacceptable Attire: There are many forms of attire that are considered unacceptable as business wear, and not appropriate for a professional learning environment. The following is a list of some forms of attire that are not acceptable for attending law enforcement classes.

Exceptions: At the discretion of the instructor responsible over specific training employees may be directed to wear other attire that is more appropriate to unusual training activities or conditions, such as tactical courses, physical training, self-defense, handgun retention, etc…

Note: When attending firearms training classes, and including Department firearms qualification YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR ANY FORM OF RED CLOTHING OR RED BASEBALL CAPS. The color “red” is only to be worn by the department Firearms Instructors, or their designee(s).

Enrollment Standards

Prior to enrollment in Precinct 5 Constable Department training program which provides instruction in defensive tactics, arrest procedures, firearms, or use of a motor vehicle for law enforcement purposes, the person must have on file with the Precinct 5 Constable Department the following information: Written documentation that the person is currently licensed by the commission (TCLEOSE) or documentation that the person:

Instructor Standards

All testing will be proctored by the Instructor.

Course records will be kept on file for 5 (five) years from date of course completion.

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