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A feeling of helplessness is common when people become the victim. There are ways to help you avoid becoming a victim and below is just a few ideas on how to handle different situations if ever confronted. This information is nothing new, but it is important to be reminded of them from time to time.

The most effective weapon for you to use is your head. The best ammunition is quick thinking, common sense, and alertness.

Remembering to implement these suggestions will help make you less of a Target. By removing that element, you can reduce or eliminate your chances of becoming a victim.

Out and About
  • Be assertive; stand tall, never slouch, walk as if you own the street, and always make eye contact.
  • Be aware, stay alert and continually look around; avoid using headphones, never go home if you think you are being followed, and never accept rides from strangers.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, know what is going on around you, do not walk into unnecessary confrontations, and avoid shortcuts through vacant, dark or other deserted areas.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs often correlate to incidents of acquaintance rape. NEVER LEAVE YOUR DRINKS UNATTENDED. If you leave your drink alone; even water, either finish it first or order a new one upon returning. You don’t know what could have been put in it; even water can be spiked. Be cautious; don’t assume friends will watch your drink, confirm with that friend.
  • If you suspect someone else’s drink has been spiked, tell them, and don’t let them drink it. Be intentionally vigilant and if you feel your drink has been spiked, report it.
  • Use the buddy system when going out, never stay or leave a buddy at a bar or party and under no circumstances should you leave with someone you just met.
Fight Back or Not
  • Never fight for personal property if the subject is armed, it’s not worth it.
  • Be prepared to defend yourself, use a defensive weapon, personal alarms, car keys or a whistle, take a self-defense class, get your CHL and purchase a weapon you are comfort with, practice using your weapon.
  • When resisting an attack, hit first and make it count. Incapacitate by striking in vulnerable spots (eyes, throat, groin), or create a distraction so you can flee.
Defensive Driving/Public Transportation
  • Keep windows up and doors locked, weather parked or driving.
  • Check your vehicle, inside and out to make sure no one is hiding.
  • After parking, gather all belongings you are taking with you before exiting vehicle. Put valuables out of sight.
  • If you feel you are being followed, drive to a well-lit area, and call police, do not go home.
  • Park in well-lit area and close to entrance of buildings. Try to avoid underground and enclosed parking garages is possible.
  • Whenever possible, travel with another person, and never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Keep your car in good condition with gas tank at least half full. If you vehicle breaks down, raise your hood, turn on your flashers, move to the passenger seat and lock the doors. If someone offers to help, ask them to call for help, do not accept a ride – stay in your vehicle.
  • Prior to boarding, use well-lit stops, stand near other people, and try to follow a schedule that minimizes your waiting time.
  • After boarding, sit near the driver, beware of arguments or commotion, and above all, beware of strangers and surroundings.
While at Home
  • Keep doors and windows locked, don’t open the door to visitors unless they identify themselves and never answer the door if you feel uncomfortable with a particular situation. Admit “repairmen” only if you have an appointment with them.
  • If you find a broken door or window, DO NOT ENTER, leave at once and call police.
  • Trust a neighbor or friend to leave a spare key with; not under a doormat or plant.
  • Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors, door hinges should be on the inside, make sure exterior doors are solid core, and your bedroom door should have a lock.
  • Don’t let anyone lure you out of your home or them in, be cautious of strangers who want to use your phone (offer to call the police to assist them).
  • Do not give information about yourself over the phone, never reveal you are home alone and never divulge personal information and don’t let babysitters entertain visitors in your home.
  • The exterior of your home should be well lit; create a barrier of light all the way around, place lights high enough to prevent tampering, prune overgrown bushes and trees and lastly keep your porch lights on at night.
  • In you reside in an apartment; be careful in laundry rooms, don’t buzz or allow anyone in that you do not expect, know or trust. Don’t allow anyone to follow you into a building and avoid letting vehicles follow you into your complex. Report any unauthorized persons or suspicious behavior to management.
  • If you are gone several days, arrange to have your mail and papers stopped or picked up, let your neighbors know. Request a vacationhttps://constable5.org/?page_id=185 watch from our agency.

In you find yourself in any situation where you feel unsafe, threatened or in immediate danger; remove yourself and contact the local authorities such as police or emergency services, right away. 

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