Constable Chris Jones

Chief Chad Walling

Captain Kim Gordon

Lieutenant Jonathan Aldridge

Lieutenant Ryan Johnston

Lieutenant Mike Silvio

Lieutenant Josh Carley

Sergeant Bodden

Sergeant Brown

Sergeant Burrell

Sergeant Christopher

Sergeant Hazlewood

Sergeant Park

Sergeant Rodriguez

Sergeant Rodriguez

Investigator Hedrick

Investigator Peterson

Office Staff

From Left to Right
Office Manager – Vicki Willis
Clerk – Briana Hernandez

Deputy Bagley

Deputy Brummett

Deputy Buehl

Deputy Chastun

Deputy Crabtree

Deputy Davis

Deputy Drew

Deputy Edelman

Deputy Epperson

Deputy Garlock

Deputy Hayden

Deputy Hayden

Deputy Jackson

Deputy Johnson

Deputy Jones

Deputy Justice

Deputy Luckey

Deputy Masden

Deputy McKeon

Deputy Nelson

Deputy Ortega

Deputy Perkins

Deputy Ringler

Deputy Swanson

Deputy Seibert

Deputy Smith

Deputy Tally

Deputy Welch

Deputy White

Deputy Williams

Deputy Zatzkin

Office Hours
  • Mon.-Thur. 8am – 4:30pm
  • Friday 8am – 4pm

Get In Touch

(281) 259-6493 Main
(281) 259-6462 Fax

Drop By

19100 Unity Park Drive
Magnolia, TX 77355

Direction and Maps

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