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Here at Montgomery County Constable Precinct 5 we operate under a Law Enforcement Beyond Reproach design; where we serve and protect our community in all instances. Under the auspices of this vision, specialty teams and units are employed to facilitate specialized attention when the public calls or our studies indicate their deployment becomes necessary. To this end, we have the following Specialty Teams and Units geared for assignment. They are all comprised of Constable Precinct 5 deputies from all divisions of our Office. Each team member must pass a rigorous testing process, as well as, attend numerous training days held throughout the year to enhance the team response and maintain readiness. 

Special Units are offend referred to as a SWAT team, the first official SWAT team was established by inspector Daryl Gates in the Los Angeles Police Department in 1968. Since then, many police departments have established their own elite units under various names; these units, regardless of their official name are created to assist their communities and special training is required.

SRT – Special Response Team

This elite tactical team is made up of just over a dozen deputies from our office who are trained to perform high-risk operations. These individuals go through hands on extensive training each and every year. They are ready and willing to serve in any high risk arrest and search warrants; subduing barricaded suspects; and engage heavily-armed criminals when called to do so.

SRG – Special Response Group

As a group of aptitude and honest individuals, we always prepare by imagining the worst but recognize we are ready to deliver the best. With over 50 years of combined training and learning, our SRG can assure you that we are successfully trained and ready to serve. We are able to make inclusive choices during some of the highest stressful situations while providing law and order all while standing by the utmost levels of effectiveness.

Simply put, we are here to provide high-quality security solutions; as well as, high levels of expectation, quality officers, and supportive leadership. These are all qualities that are the keys to our success. We the SRG are here to serve you and protect our community, it is what we are trained to do everyday.

SWT – Swiftwater Rescue Team

Among the numerous specializations that a public safety agency may have, swift water rescue is, perhaps, one of the most important areas of training as it can significantly help in numerous types of emergencies. This year here at Montgomery County Precinct 5 we launched our 1st Swiftwater Rescue Team. It is comprised of 13 highly dedicated individuals trained and equipped to perform such rescues if ever the need arises.

This special unit, recently attended a 16 hour hands on intense training through Fathom Academy near Austin, this class was provided thanks to grants from Tri County Health Alliance and Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District. We would also like to thank Woodforest Bank for their donation of one of our recue boats. During their training, our team were highlighted on the local NBC Channel 2 News, click the following link to see how proud this team makes us. https://www.click2houston.com/…/first-responders…/

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